Giddy Up

It’s show season again, which means weekends are filled with dust, neighs, and tons of fun. Emma my daughter, competes in a western event called reining, truly a beautiful sport to watch. I’m in love horses. I love their mystical energy, their grace, and their deep souls. Emma has been riding for 10 years now, and I still get chills every time I watch her fly around the arena.

A few years ago I had a cute horse named Ginger. Emma and I would trail ride near a lake, and pretend we were adventurers traveling out west. We would come across cows, goats, and wooden bridges. I was a bit jumpy and Emma would always take the lead. I no longer ride, however I feel deep pride and endless joy watching Emma make magic happen every time she hops on Holly. Here are a few shots taken at her last show:

Holly is a 7 year old grey Quarter horse. I call her “Tiny Dancer” because she’s very refined and graceful.

Emma Rose chillin’ before her event.

Emma’s new boots…cute huh?!

I don’t know how the rider doesn’t get dizzy when they do spins! I’d fall right off!

I love checking out at all the cool western clothes!

Our friend’s horse “Chase”, loves to give kisses…slurp!

Such pretty scenery…very peaceful.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Getting on the same page.


A kind soft eye.

Emma with her awesome trainer Nev.

Em, Holly, and me.

Emma and her darling cowgirl friend, Candace.

Hat’s Off to Emma!

Yours truly working with Holly on the ground.



















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