My soon to be eighteen year old daughter Emma Rose, had the opportunity to spend time in France this summer. She has been blessed with opportunities to travel abroad a few times in her young life. Each time she returns home, she is brimming with wonderful stories and beautiful photos to match. I live vicariously through her travel adventures and dream of one day going to these magical places myself. My lovely girl has promised to take me to Europe when she get’s her first “real” paycheck. What a joyful experience that will be! I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share a memorable trip with.

I love browsing through these fotos….hoping you will too! Enjoy the scenery~

Just what I imagine a Parisian flower shop looks like. I want to paint this image.

Both Emma and I love to take photos of doors. Awesome shade of blue.

Cafe au lait…..hooray!

Emma said the Eiffel Tower literally took her breath away.

Home of the Mona Lisa, the Louvre Museum.

Love the over-the-top decor!

One word….magic.

Everything looks prettier at night.

One of Emma’s favorite movies is “Moulin Rouge”, she was thrilled to go here.

Almost surreal…simply beautiful.

Massive light fixtures…pretty huh?

Sweet shot…feels so European.

My girl seems to fit right in!

A fence with padlocks of love.

South of France…pure yumminess

Dream shopping for me!

Another cool door…not a bad building either.

Hotel Martinez in Monaco.

Fashion heaven for a 17 year old girl.

Vanilla, chocolate, and coffee gelato…need I say more.

Yachts everywhere in the south of France.

So much prettier than Longs and CVS!

A pink Harley…oh yea!

What’s a diet?

Emma loves this! 🙂

Candy fruit. Health food?…you bet!

View from the Eiffel Tower.

Emma sent me this shot via text when she was in France. I thought it was a postcard, she said “No Mom!, That’s the view out my hotel window!” I was speechless! My all-time favorite photo!




























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8 Responses to Bonjour!

  1. cyndylooo says:

    Cindy … these pictures are wonderful! We just got back from two weeks in Paris and I love looking at Paris pictures! I love that your daughter plans to take you there … you will love it and be inspired! Hope to see you in yoga class! …. Cindy

  2. How FABBBBBBulous. . . .make ME feel like I’m there!! Thank you both for your generous sharing. . .it makes me happy 🙂 =^,^=

  3. Lauren says:

    Wow, great job, Emma! These photographs are beautiful and make me want to pack my bags and go exploring. Thanks for toting your camera around so the rest of us could enjoy a little of your trip. -L

  4. embodyingme says:

    Those pictures soooo great! I did not realize Emma went to France this summer. How fun! That last picture reminds me our visit to Carcasonne in the South of France last year. Is that where she was? She looked so happy there. I can totally relate. I can feel my European roots take over when I am visiting.

  5. Marion says:

    Thanks for sharing Cindy! Your daughter is gorgeous. Me and my hubby were in Paris a few years back and we just revisted those memories! What a beautiful city!

    • I can’t wait to get there one of these days. Emma has also been to Croatia twice….that’s her favorite place so far. I hope to see these amazing places one of these days!

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