What’s Happenin’ In The Studio

I’ve been feeling artsy lately, and have been painting up a storm. It’s wonderful to sit at the art table and feel the creative juices flow. I’ve been working on another children’s book titled “How To Grow A Rainbow”. An uplifting story on how to find courage. I also painted the piece you see below for my daughter’s 18th birthday. It’s titled “Emma in Monet’s Garden”. She visited this magical place this summer and loved it. I thought I would capture the memory in this colorful painting. Emma loves polka-dots, so it was fitting to put her in a red and white dotted dress!

People often ask me what mediums I enjoy working with, so I included some shots of what was used for this particular piece. Please enjoy!


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One Response to What’s Happenin’ In The Studio

  1. Shelly O'Donnell says:

    Hi Sis,

    Wow that really captures Emma! Beautiful!

    Love you,

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