My Friend and Frosty

I’m not a great fan of social media. I tried Facebook, only to find it time-consuming and rather voyeuristic. I’ve watched my teenage daughter’s moods go up and down based on “friends” postings, which has added to concerns about this form of communication. I was rather bored with hearing how many minutes a person spent on the treadmill, and felt embarrassed when I didn’t remember someone who wanted to “friend” me. I tried tweeting, but felt like a twit. Hearing what somewhat had for lunch or how great their haircut turned out seemed painfully superficial.

I know as a working artist I’m supposed to embrace these tools in order to grow my business, however they just aren’t me. I like stuff with grit. I love to read what makes a person tick, and how they maneuver through challenge. I like to hear stories about triumph and courage, how folks work their way up the crooked path of everyday life. I like to be inspired and touched. I like to read things that make me smile from the inside out, and make me cry from deep within. I like to read about things that expand my awareness and help me stretch a bit higher.

In the beginning blogging was a challenge for me. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share. Would I want to write about my Parkinson’s, my weight loss surgery, my family? Or did I want to keep it strictly focused on my artwork. I continue to go through phases with blogging, and have decided to let my gut lead the way. There are periods when I don’t want to blog at all. I try to respect these quiet periods. There are days when I feel protective and want to keep my world to myself. There are days when I’m an open book and want to expose secret bits of myself with the world. I think the key to blogging is to trust your instincts and make it work for you.

The best thing that’s come from blogging is connecting with like-minded souls. As much as I dislike the cyber world at times, I cherish the fact that it’s opened me up to wonderful people. Someone who tops my list of favorites is a lovely spirited woman named Kim. Her blog is brave, raw, funny, enlightening, and stunningly beautiful. She’s a talented artist, as well as an amazing photographer. I’m honored to call her my friend, even though we’ve never met. We have a soul connection that doesn’t require an official handshake.

Kim creates beauty in her world and graciously shares it with others. She’s another “giver” in life, and occasionally forgets to fill up her own well…a lot like me. Her posts often reflect my own personal feelings, a silent gift she’s gives without even realizing it. She moves gracefully through life not afraid to stumble and occasionally crawl until she gets up stronger than before.

After reading Kim’s post today, I felt compelled to sit at my art table and paint “Frosty Bear”. I placed Frosty in Kim’s garden, a magical place that will blow your mind! Be sure to browse Kim’s blog called 3 Wishes Studio and view everything! My faves are her artwork, her animals, her fairy tale studio, and most of all her beautiful face.

Just a reminder sweet Kim….”You Rock!”

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6 Responses to My Friend and Frosty

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  2. When I get done wiping away my tears, I will write something of meaning. Words cannot express how touched I am with your generous words and especially the beautiful painting. Frosty Bear dancing in a sea of purple flowers – PERFECT! I’m doing the happy dance! xxoo

  3. Charles Critzer says:

    Cindy, THANK YOU. Your words of support and friendship mean so much to my bride. People like you make it all worthwhile.
    Mr Wishes

    • Magical Mr. Wishes! What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to message me. I adore Kim and wish I lived closer to you both! Me and my soul sister would be chasing butterflies in your garden while creating artsy gadgets at the same time 🙂 Thank you for making me smile Mr. Wishes, you’re the best!

  4. LaDonna says:

    Yes, she does! And from the sounds of your blog, so do you Artsy Chick!

    The Girlfriend

    • Hey Girlfriend!
      You and Kim are so blessed to have each other, there’s nothing that compares to a BFF! Thanks for poppin’ in….you made my heART sing a happy ditty! Sending you endless love and light~

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