An Artsy Angel

Many of you know I have morphed into a Bikram yogini. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who breathe and bend in a 104 degree room for 90 minutes. Like the saying goes, “I love to hate it!” The truth is I’m hooked on how I feel afterwards. Peaceful, calm, and free.

Another huge gift I’ve received from my yoga practice, is meeting joyful souls who walk a similar path. One of my brilliant instructors is a “gazellish” lass named Kaci. She’s a lovely lithe lady whose old soul is encased in a beautiful young shell. Kaci is an amazing yoga teacher who is dedicated to helping others find their way to health and happiness. She is teaching me to “be in the moment” and most importantly how to listen to and trust my body.

She is also a talented artist who paints from the soul. I was thrilled to have her spend Sunday with me in my art studio. After a bite of lunch, lots of talking, we decided to work on a piece to honor her husband Jhonny. (more to come on him!) While my lovely friend worked her art magic I clicked a few shots of her…take a peek at an angel at work.

P.S. Take some time to peek at Kaci’s website…..many wise thoughts that will fill you to the brim. (Check her out in the skydiving video! The handsome skydiving instructor is her hubby.)



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4 Responses to An Artsy Angel

  1. What a beautiful, artful time in your charming studio. Your photos captured what looked like a wonderful time. I’ll scoot over and take a look at her website. Thanks for sharing. xok

  2. Cindy – I love this! How wonderful. Pam

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