Lodi Street Faire

Today was a good day. I hunted for trinkets and treasures, which is definitely one of my favorite pastimes! I set out bright and early and spent the entire day at the Lodi Street Faire. This yearly event is located in the center of a charming town that attracts an enthusiastic and eclectic crowd.

The smell of garlic and grilled sausage filled the air, while I meandered past umbrella covered booths. Some of the goodies for sale included vintage novelties (the stuff I used to play with when I was a kid!), arts and crafts, shabby chic furniture, and sparkly baubles.

The brilliant sky was dotted with colorful balloons while happy tots rode chubby ponies. Cute couples carefully maneuvered through a sea of two-wheeled wire carts, while pups, mutts, and hounds politely padded by.

It was one of those peaceful days that makes you glad to be alive. I hope each of you found time this weekend to fill up your heART well~

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2 Responses to Lodi Street Faire

  1. a deLICIOUS lot of goodies!! : ) =^,^= SO glad you enjoyed your day!!

  2. This place looks amazing! Love the basket with the rolling pins and the yard sticks. Wish I was nearby and could spend a day treasure hunting with you. Perhaps some day….

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