Thought For The Day


Thought for the day: Find Your Inner Cha Cha!

Your inner “Cha Cha” is the wonderful thing that resides deep in your soul that makes you saunter with sauciness! Sometimes our “Cha Cha” gets buried under stress, fear, and worries. We have to live in the moment to fully embrace our undeniable “Cha Cha”.

Our “Cha Cha” is what helps us say no when we’re afraid of letting someone down. It helps us last that extra 15 minutes in yoga, Zumba, or boot-camp class. It helps us to take a nap when we know it’s now time to rest. It helps us not feel guilty when we leave the dishes in the sink overnight. It helps us trust out instincts and set out on unmapped journeys. Our inner “Cha Cha” reminds us that we are lovable, unique, and treasured creatures.

So go ahead and find your beat, sway your hips, rattle your maracas, and shine baby shine!

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3 Responses to Thought For The Day

  1. LaDonna Ripberger says:

    Oh – thank you for that! I do believe I need to pay more attention to my inner Cha-Cha. Yes, Cha-Cha indeed!

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