Happy Hobbits

I don’t post videos very often, but was compelled to post this one. I’m a nervous Nelly when I fly. My heart begins to race as soon as the charming flight attendant begins her/his safety instruction speel. Viewing this imaginative video before take-off would put me at ease, and really make me smile. Take a peek, it’s pretty darn funny!

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4 Responses to Happy Hobbits

  1. Cindy!! You have GOT to have sent this with ME in MIND without even knowing it!! This is ONE flight I wouldn’t be a ‘Nervous Nelly’ taking!! I am ‘medicated’ when I fly. . .although I do enjoy the sights. . .I’m a ‘land lubber’ fer shur!! : ) Thank you for sending this video this time. . . .WHOO HOOOOOO!!!

  2. Ingrid Gans says:

    That was so much fun I shared it on FB and can’t wait to show it to my son when I collect him from school in an hour. This is exactly the kind of world he’d like to live in.

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