Home On The Range

Unexpected adventures are usually the most memorable. Last week I had an impromptu invite from a special soul sister, Ms. Carey G. We’ve known each other for a zillion years, and I’m sure we’ve traveled the planet together in the past. We gently hold hands through the bumpy road of life, and instinctively have each others back.

Carey’s wonderful boyfriend kindly offered up his lovely home in Carmel Valley while he was traveling back east. The weather was truly amazing which added to the charm of this surreal setting. It was a good time filled with fun, food, and friendship. Here’s a peek at my soulful weekend:

Bryan’s home sits on a magic hill overlooking 100 acres of heaven.

Carey (center), Carey’s son Jack (right), and Jack’s friend Charlie (left)

My new best friend, Pablo.

Smells as good as it looks.

My precious pal’s pretty pony.

Pablo is on duty 24/7.

Leaning tower of leaves.

The breathe-taking casa.


Willy likes to drink out, I mean “in” the trough.

Keeping an eye on us.

Joey sniffing for the grain bucket.

Pony Pals.

Charlie pondering life.

Whatta life.

A cowboy at heart.

Here come the cows!

Reminds me that God is the ultimate artist.

No worries, he has a dog license.

Woodpecker art! Looks like little stars 🙂

BB guns and boys seem to go together.

Life in the country.

Mystical talking trees everywhere.

A very calm bull.

Gracie…part-time ranch pooch.

“a dog’s life.”

“Carey’s Tree” (tiny one to the left)

Willy couldn’t decide what he liked better…a chunk of wood, or a bone. He carried both.

Pablo’s favorite toy was a large stick.

Reminds me so much of my beloved Border Collie CoCo.

Yummy pizza at a local eatery.

Cool art in the casa.

My idea of a good time. A pair of jeans, a good book, and a cuddly creature.

Make-shift marshmallow roaster (wire hanger). A boy’s good time consists of smores, a pool table, and a Will Ferrell dvd.

Rio is a pool shark disguised as a cat.

His and Hers.

Gracie pretending to be a paperweight.

Fresh crabs from Monterey Bay…delish!

These boots were made for cutting. (western event)

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3 Responses to Home On The Range

  1. Oh my, what an incredibly beautiful place and people and dogs and cats and wow everything. I so hope your soul had a beautiful rest and visit and lots of hugs from your lovely friend. All the photos were amazing, but Oh that barn photo of the pecker holes – LOVE!

  2. Maggie says:

    Aww, it’s cool to see all the pictures after hearing about your wonderful trip! I love the crabs, that woodpecker wall and cute Willy, who I think would get along swell with my parents Willie.

  3. xoginab@yahoo.com says:

    So beautifully awesome! To think our perfect little Ms Carey is a cowgirl. Thank you for sharing these photo’s.

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