New Art

Hi friends, remember me? The artsy chick who usually has a lot to say. No, I didn’t run off to join the circus, nor did I fly to India to practice yoga…however a few nights in an ashram actually sounds good right now.

I did go to San Diego for a week-long stay at an amazing place called the Optimum Health Institute. Some fun stories and photos coming soon.

I’m currently down with an annoying flu-ish thingy… soon as I can type more than a paragraph without getting winded, I’ll be back.

Take a peek at two watercolor images from a new collection called,”Titu’s Wonderful World”… adventures of a regal cat living a secret life of succulent silliness. Meow….

The World of Tituba 173

Grow A Painting 1

Grow A Painting 2

Tituba Sails The High Seas 173

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