Brown Man With The Sad Eyes

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an interesting man with a brilliant mind. A self deprecating soul whose energy lingers in my mind. A man and boy rolled into one.  A  6’2″ enigmatic creature veiled in poignant sadness.

He used language like a musical instrument, playing my heart with his song. He often looked to the side, never holding my gaze for more than an instant. He made me sad and peaceful at the same time.

His strange accent was a mish-mash of places he had been, making me wonder where he belonged. His monotone delivery was accented with flashes of arid humor…keeping me on my toes while watching for signs of life.

A tiny smile would force it’s way through, only to be exterminated within milliseconds. Why was this man so sad I wondered.

Engagingly open and tightly constricted, he made me sad and peaceful at the same time.

I’ll never forget his eyes……not for the stories they told, but for the secrets they hold.

He inspired this poetic piece.

Brown Man With The Sad Eyes

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