My Lovely Friend

I have been blessed with amazing people in my life, treasured souls that made my heart sing. True blue high-flyers that step up to the plate and make life happen. One of my dearest pals is an amazing woman named Kaci.

She’s a soulful chick who makes the planet spin smoother. She exudes timeless grace like diamonds on water. She’s a brilliant yoga instructor, an amazing artist, a talented writer, a spiritual healer, and one bad-ass skydiver. Yup, this babe has it going on.

Her spirit reminds me to grab life by the tail, while saying namaste. Through example she reminds me to be kind to myself, listen to my inner voice, and do a back-bend like there’s no tomorrow. Her beautiful blog is filled with profound words of wisdom that open my heart and mind. I especially loved her two last posts, “What to do in a Flash Flood.” and “The Boy with the Golden Coin”. Check them out…I’m sure they’ll touch your heart in the same way.

Kaci's braid

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