Titu’s Underwater Adventure

I’m busily working on “The Wonderful and Wacky Adventures of Titu the Cat”.  A six piece collection that follows the colorful travels of a zany feline explorer.

A  friend of mine is the proud owner of my muse, Titu. This elegant kitty lives life her way…. probably like most cats I suppose. Even though this slinky number glides with coolness, I’m convinced there’s an off-beat wackadoodle lurking deep within her svelte frame.

In truth, her full name is Tituba, which is quite fitting for this snazzy sweetheart. I actually planned on using this name for the collection, that is, until my friend gave me the actual meaning. Tituba was one of the first to be accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. Who knew? I didn’t.

When licensing artwork you have to play by the rules. Yeah, I create what I want, but I also like to occasionally sell it. I was concerned the name might scare off marketing big-wigs, and spirited Titu might never get a shot at gracing the shelves of your local Hallmark store. So hence, the name Titu was born.

“Titu’s Underwater Adventure” is watercolor painting number three. When I showed my teenager this one,  she smiled and said, “Love it Mom, but don’t you think it needs something?” Smarty pants…she knows I love details…she on the other hand likes simple lines. Hell, I never did know when to stop.

I’m currently working on “Titu’s Jungle Tree-House”, coming soon.

Enjoy the artwork….hope your day is filled with unexpected silliness. Boink. Boink.

Birth of Titu's Sub

Titu's Underwater Adventure (173)

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