Ingrid’s Sky

I adore my iphone. It’s a magical tool that let’s me communicate with special souls. My favorite feature is it’s ability to shoot a picture in the blink of an eye. Instantly I can capture a moment of magic and share it with someone I love….how cool is that?!

Even more amazing is when someone sends me something totally unexpected. Knowing another human being thought of me while gazing at true beauty is enough to take my breath away. It’s a quiet way to bow to one another.

A few months ago a fellow traveler texted me the beautiful images below. Amazingly enough, I was shooting the same sky on the other side of town. I was once again reminded that great minds think alike.

I would like to now send God’s sky to a treasured friend who resides in the Netherlands….so very far away, yet so very close in heart. This is for you my lovely song bird. Please know you are being thought of this morning.

sky 1

sky 2

sky 3

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One Response to Ingrid’s Sky

  1. Ingrid says:

    Cindy, what a beautiful unexpected treasure. I love my iPhone too… and I love these beautiful skies. So far away and yet so close. Earlier today I was pointing out ‘my’ evening sky, which had the same red intensity as in these pictures, to my son Flynn, who just now walked into the room dressed in just a toy spider. Blessings abound. xx

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