Musical Beds

Do you ever feel like you’re living in your pet’s world instead of your own? I’m about ready to crawl onto the floor and get into one of their beds just to get a good night’s sleep.

Who's bed


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4 Responses to Musical Beds

  1. artsychicksw says:

    I can SO relate! Due to chronic pain I sleep in an adjustable bed, which is kind of a thin twin size. Sometimes when I kind of wake up and need to turn over I find two of my big dogs (a boxer and a yellow lab) in there with me and no way to turn over or even move! On the brighter side, they can be very comforting to a sore back when they are laying up against me with firm but gentle pressure over most of my back…therapy dogs! Besides, it’s so hard to kick them out of bed so I usually just get them to rearrange with me 🙂 Don’t we love our animals?

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