A Lil’ Love Splurge

Good Morning my fellow love warriors…

I fell into a deep sleep last night and suddenly woke with the north star staring me straight in the eyes. My sweet twinkly companion calls to me on clear nights and brings with her notes from the curious cosmos. She came calling with angels in tow, a planetary message of love pinned to one of her luminous points.

Occasionally angels stop by my pad with messages of love for other souls. I don’t think I’m more insightful than the average bear, and even though I know the way to San Jose…I have no idea which golden road leads to heaven’s gate. I’ve never been sprinkled with holy water in a house of God, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the difference between the old and new……testament that is. I think the winged warriors added me to their secretarial pool because I take good dictation and deliver messages in a timely manner….simple as that.

They came bearing a message of luscious love;

Love is the substance and essence of your being. It’s the medium in which you live and breathe. It’s your highest goal, your farthest reach, your most passionate quest. Conscious loving is a portal to profound joy and compassion…it’s your soul’s true destination. Your ability to understand this is recognized by your higher power.

Your angels bow to you often…and smile wing to wing when doing so.

As you clear space to “lay out your map”, remember the journey is designed to be a mystery. Moving from your head into your heart will lead you to your destination effortlessly. Your internal golden compass, your brilliant heart, will guide you to the “promised land”….that elusive spot you yearn for.

Search out others with your energy, those with the same mystical invisible pulse. Your heart will begin to throb with joy as you expand your repertoire of love. Remember love is a miracle…not a project to be worked on. Things that move us deeply are gifts not endeavors. When love spontaneously appears, just let it in and watch it bloom.

Remember that praise refashions the soul, and inspires the creation of an even finer human being. It washes away hurts and deepens our bonds of connection. Continue to use your words artfully, it’s an innate divine gift.

Trust the plan, without knowing the answers. Embrace the questions with playful amusement and delve into the void instead of filling it. There are no extra points doled out in the end for arduous struggle. By surrendering you may find yourself outside of this world into something more grand, more splendid than you ever imagined. Let your mind set lose from its gears and increase your odds of falling towards the miraculous.

Practice an elegant kind of daring by letting go. Empty your vessel so breathtaking transformations and astounding miracles can land on your lap.

Continue to fight for power in all the right ways and let gratitude pour out of every sacred cell.

My feathery friends shared these poignant thoughts, and off they flew.

I guess John, Paul, George, and Ringo had it right when they said…”All you need is love”.

Love by leonard

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2 Responses to A Lil’ Love Splurge

  1. Kaci says:

    I absolutely LOVE this. I am so glad you were given this gift, or divine duty (whatever you wish to call it). You are a true inspiration in more ways than one. I gush with gratitude when I think about you. xoxo

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