Finding Your Inner Weird

monkey boy
Good morning fellow fans of Jane Goodall, King Kong, and Planet of the Apes,
This strange image makes me down-right happy. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with this kid for having the balls to wear this get-up in public, or his parents who were secure enough to let little Johnny embrace his inner weird. Gawd, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could feel free enough to wear whatever the hell we wanted when hitting Safeway to pick up a quart of milk. I shake my head when I see people sporting pj’s and slippers in aisle 5….when secretly I think I’m just jealous that they have a heavy dose of chutzpa and I don’t.
What would you wear in Costco if you didn’t give a damn? I’d prance thru the front door wearing a frilly tutu, furry halo, and a set of sparkly wings. Man life is cool huh?
Keep swinging my lil’ monkeys,
yoga angels 173

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2 Responses to Finding Your Inner Weird

  1. Yep, I sometimes wish I could get back the big set I had when I was younger and did what I wanted. I’m too uptight now. You and your daughter are rocking it!

    • I hear you Kim…I’m amazed at those Red Hat Ladies you see in local food joints….not sure if I could sport a big smile while wearing one of those weird hats. Wowzer!!

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