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Fantastically Fun Fort

Last week I wrote about an indoor fort that my 16-year-old daughter and I constructed. Our makeshift hide-out was an impromptu project that was thrown together with dining room chairs, blankets, and lots of pillows. Who knew we’d end up … Continue reading

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Midway Madness

midway madness intoxicating midnight air makes me crave purple painted ponies and giant wheels of speeding light. i’m a morphing shutter speed freak addicted to bending metal with just one click. a time stopping iso wizardress transforming ordinary into extraordinary. hypnotized by blurry … Continue reading

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Fort Therapy

On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst, yesterday was a 12. It started off with a root canal, yes that dreaded procedure that gives one chills just thinking about. Luckily the two-hour appointment was pain-free, however … Continue reading

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It’s A Dog’s Life

I adore animals, especially dogs. Doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, hairy or bald….I’m crazy about all of them! I had tons of fun shooting photos of some beautiful beach dogs while on the coastline. These salty sea dogs must … Continue reading

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Got Hipstamatic?

I recently discovered Hipstamatic, a cool iPhone application that brings back the look and feel of plastic cameras from the past. The following Hipstamatic images were taken last week while driving to the coast….sort of an “ode to the road” album. The images … Continue reading

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The Eagles Who Live On A Hill

Every now and then I encounter earthly magic….today was one of those days. I had the pleasure of meeting three unique human beings who are perfectly perched on a hill where the eagles soar. This amazing clan radiates warmth, generosity, … Continue reading

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The World According To Mikey and Boz

I’m blessed with amazing animals in my life. Perfectly trained pets? No way. Sweet hearted lovies full of endless affection? Yes! The two special canine souls in our brood are Mikey and Boswell, Bozzy for short. Boz is a seven … Continue reading

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Porch Tweets and This Month’s Winner!

I’ve been waiting with bated breathe for the babies to arrive…our feathered ones that is! This is the second year in a row that two swallows have made their mud nest in the eaves of our porch. Yes, it’s messy…and … Continue reading

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The “Camper” Updates

I’ve been having more artsy fun in “The Camper”…..formally known as the art studio. Take a peek:  

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